Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tracking has been around a while now, Vodacom launched "look for me" a few years back and charge R11.70 per phone per month. More info here

MTN only this year decided to offer a similar service, which they call "whereRU" and charge R12.49 per phone per month. More info here

Tracking a persons phone is not nearly as accurate as GPS, but can triangulate your position depending on the number of towers that can "see" you at any given time. It does help in an emergency to minimise a search area.

Home911 has not been able to offer this service in the past, due to the costs involved. Please bare in mind that the average family consists of at least 4 people, which would be an additional R46.80 per month on the Vodacom option. Add to this the fact that you are more likely to need a panic at home than anywhere else...53% of all hijackings take place at your front gate.

We have never found a way to separate these two services cost effectively...

Until Now!

We have struck a deal with the networks, and will shortly be launching "911Track" where you will be able to track a loved one, from your own phone at anytime.

There will be NO additional monthly costs to any existing home911 it will be a free service from Home911....The only cost you will incur is not billed by us, and that will be R5 per track, if and when you need it! This will be deducted from your airtime.

We are busy testing and should launch shortly, if anyone would like to get the service now, and help us test...then please email

Available on MTN and Vodacom Only!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Call Me!

Wow, two blog updates in one day(read the one below this one first)

One of the challenges we have faced is the fact that although our panic alerts are free...the networks need to believe that the call "can" take place, and therefore if you have no airtime it "won't" allow the panic to be dialled....

Now, for contract payers this is not a problem! But for "pay as you go" users (like my kids) then this can pose a problem...

We fixed it!

If you have domestics, or children that are on a pay as you go contract then we have integrated "PLEASE CALL ME" onto our panic network....

That means...

That if you have no airtime your panic will still work, simply by replacing your panic number *31#0824814499


MTN Phone *121*0824814499#
Vodacom Phone *140*0824814499#
Cell C Phone *111*0824814499#
Virgin Phone *125*0824814499#

We are still testing this, so would like to ask you to do the same, and give us any feedback!


Nigel Hamilton

About Time!

Well it's about time we updated our has been a while...

A bunch of us in Gauteng have been working very hard to get you guys some hard data on the marketability of Home911 "bulk deals"

The results have been incredible, and far surpassed our expectations.

Just to give you an idea, in this short time span, we are already installed at nearly 10 security companies. They are all very excited, and we expect roll outs to their customer base shortly.

Home911 solves a lot of problems that security companies experience with their customers

Limited panics in a house
Panic button batteries become lost/faulty/flat (don't work when they need it)
Expensive to install and maintain

A case in point

A security company hadn't even signed up with us as yet, but had an opportunity to tender for a 2000 house security complex. The requirement of the tender was that all the houses have panic buttons/transmitters installed in every house, linked up locally and to the security companies control room.

This was over and above the monthly cost to have 8 guards, a response vehicle etc.

The cheapest quote that was received to install these panics as a capital outlay was over R1,200 000-00 (one point two million Rand)

Our product was quoted, and proved to not only involve zero capital outlay, but the product was far superior and offered a much better solution.

We could send a panic to...
Control room
Armed response vehicle (on site)
Guard Room (on-site..where they could lock down the estate)
On-site security manager
As well as 6 neighbours/friends/family

They loved it!

They could increase the levy from R1200 to R1215 to accommodate all of this!

Did you know that there are over 3000 registered security companies in SA?

Email if you would like to get involved in your area.

Our normal sign ups continue, and we should hit 600 shortly. That's over 3000 panic buttons in a very short time...well done guys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Crime affects everybody in South Africa...FACT!

Some of us have had a direct experience...everyone knows someone who has!

Think about that....if you haven't been directly affected by crime....chances are almost 100% that you know someone who has been...... This, unfortunately is a South African phenomanon.

Like you though...I love this country...I want my children to grow up here! To me there is no country in the world, that can offer what this beautiful country of ours offers.

So the next logical to get involved....and make a real difference!

Home911 is a product....sure

we delayed launching Home911 preoperly for 5 years!


Because we didn't want to just be another money making mechanism in a security conscious society that we could rape!

We really wanted to offer a solution.

So we might be young...(we only only launched our final product in the last few months)...but we have been perfecting our product over the last 5 years!

When we give a presentation to a security company, we present with the utmost conviction that we

1. Understand their market

2. Ensure delivery

3. And more importantly understand the needs of their customers

We have been studying their customers and their requirements (with unbiased ears) for 5 years!

We have come up with a solution that WILL make a difference to individuals, and WILL lead to a reduction in crime in SA!

We will never compete with the security companies in this country that do so much to keep our families safe....but we WILL be their to ensure we can facilitate new and inovative solutions that we can rely on to ensure that our children, and their children are protected from ever experiencing the direct impact and trauma of crime!

It is our right to protect ourselves and our families....Home911 is your voice when you don't have one!

We will shortly be publishing a list of security companies that share our vision...the list is growing daily....we really do fill a void in our security system.

If you are in the market for a new security company, then make sure you choose one that shares our vision, and offers the Home911 solution.

Is there a security company in your area that has not seen our solution? Contact me directly...I get a copy of every email that is delivered to and let us show them how we can help them!

Nigel Hamilton


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home911 Does It Again!

Well its been 2 weeks since our last blog, and with good reason...

Less than 7 short weeks ago we were beaming...we had reached a milestone of 100 subscribers.
200 came quickly, 300 even faster...and now we can crack a bottle of joy as we surpass over 400...incredible!

Large security companies are slowly coming on board, and finally realise that we are actually not a threat to them (although i suppose you could say that it's a compliment to be seen as one :) )

AND... we are poised to rocket your earnings even further!

We have come up with a discount structure for all security companies, cluster complexes, security villages, boomed area's etc!

If you want to fast track your earnings, how would you like to offer a large complex.. Home911 for just R15 (excl)? It's a no brainer! What if 2 or 3 of your downline sign up 2 or 3 complexes in the next 3 months....well then expect to be earning your R32000 per month a lot quicker than you expected!

Here is an example

A complex of 520 residents would pay just R20 per month(ie increase in levy) and we would pay on 3 levels ( That's R20 for up to 10 family members)

Level 1 R1456
Level 2 R1456
Level 3 R728

Per month!

Plus we will supply the software that monitors alerts in their security room FREE!

Email us on for some pre-launch info

We are on track to getting a forum up and running the minute we hit 1000 members!

Don't wait any longer to get the ball George Bernard Shaw once said

"If you take too long to decide what to do with your life, you'll find you've done it"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clive Rice and Home911

For most of us, endorsing a product is pretty easy..I mean what have we got to lose?

But for a man who many look up is a big responsibility.

You can imagine how bowled over (pun intended) we were when Clive Rice gave us the thumbs up!

We won the toss!

This is what Clive had to say!

There is a great deal of talk and poor delivery and lack of care in South Africa. I am delighted to sign up HOME911 as it does deliver our most important needs. It delivers entrepreneurial opportunities as well as security to friend’s, communities and suburbs. Its unique panic button alerts friends and neighbours instantly when you are in trouble to come to your aid. Criminals beware as you will be hit for 6 as you now have no time to operate and carry out your terrible deeds.
Clive Rice

From all of us Clive...welcome aboard...and thank you!

Indeed lets get the ball rolling, and knock crime for a six....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home911- Way Ahead Of Schedule!

When we first launched Home911...we had certain targets...

Sure we new that we might not make them, little did we know that we would be way ahead of schedule at this early date!

But then again, we have a product that is absolutely a "no brainer"

Where ever have you heard of a product...where you decide to take time off, and go down to a local pub, to get away from it all....and sign up 3 people!

seriously.........there is nothing!

We are bombarded by people getting very campaigns, brochure drops....seriously guys...try works!

In fact if every sign up just signed up 3 of their neighbours we would all be very rich...... that's the all it takes!

BUT... we all want it to happen now!

Home911 is like nothing you have ever seen before, it is going to change lives for many in this wonderful country of ours!

If you signed up at the beginning of January and have 3 sign ups then you are ahead of schedule...if you are not...then don't stress, you have plenty of time to catch up! Check out the 12 month wealth creation plan here

Oh... and very soon we will be unveiling our selected celebrity, to be the face of Home911....we will be knocking crime for a 6!

To find out who he is , and if you haven't already done so...then sign up here and you will be part of his exclusive team!

in fact you may even get a personal email from him...........

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What A Brilliant Blog!

Just thought we would quickly ask you to check this blog out

Well Done Nolan!

Keep going!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking Forward

The Home911 Team has been so busy that it feels like we have been doing this for months!

In reality though it has only been a few short weeks since we launched the new compensation plan. The feedback has been incredible. Our suspicions are confirmed...there has never been a compensation plan this good!

In fact we now have a way in which security companies can finally motivate their reps to go out and canvass! This is such a simple product to market with such a good response from the public that we have made an offer to security companies that they cannot refuse... free software!

In fact it is such a win win scenario for everybody!

They get our product absolutely free! In fact one very large security company in Gauteng their own words.."it just seems to good to be true" They almost feel guilty!

We have a product which is taking the market by storm...and if you haven't felt that excitement yet...then here are a few pointers...listen/read carefully

But first lets clear up a few things

1. have you downloaded the sales guide?
2. read it... there are a ton of clues in there.

The biggest clue... is that this is a community protection tool...which means that 80% of our sales are coming from people talking about us!

email campaigns
brochure drops

Go and speak to your them the product and get them to sign up! Then go and speak (physically) to friends and family.

Give them the time of day!

Then watch them do the same.... then...hold on tight!

Well done to Tim (again!) who managed to get a 20 minute slot on "The Voice Of The Cape"
and made us proud!

The web-site has been changed into 2 separate sections(hit cntrl f5)
1.product opportunity

This will make it easier to browse through it.

coming soon
an opt in sales course...where we will give you one simple little task...once a week!
And a nice little bonus for the winner!

Well done to Tania....100200, she got a R250 bonus for being our 200th sign up! Tim (again) got the R250 for signing her up!

remember to help your downline..they need you!

"the man who keeps helping the man below him will not have time to envy the man above him - Henrietta Mears"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home911 Achievers!

Every company on this planet needs to sell their product to survive...we are no different. We need people who want to sell... just as much as we need people who just want the product. We are blessed by many who have referred us and ask nothing in return.

Long term we need some achievers, everyone who has chosen to "sell" this product for us in their spare time. Anyone who is on track in terms of our 12 month wealth creation plan is an achiever.....

how can we define that?

Month 1 = 1 sign up.
Month 2 = 2 new sign ups (You now only have 3 whole sign ups!)
Month 3 = 4 new sign ups (Total now 7)
Month 4 = 8 new sign ups (total of 15)

Seems pretty simple doesn't if your feeling a little stressed about where you are at....don't!
Chances are you are on track or even ahead of schedule!

To motivate you a little though, we have a band of super achievers!

Tim U...91 members in 48days
Nolan E....41 members in 14 days
Peter K... 20 members in 9 days
Terence T...13 members in 18 days
Daryl D...14 members in 12 days
Garth U 12 members in 40 days

We need super achievers to pave the way for us...and maybe give us a helping hand! So to all of you super achievers one question....and please leave a comment we all want to know one thing


Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Home911 Just Another MLM/Pyramid Scheme?

Wow, that question hurt deep...but the person asking it had just cause. We never saw it that way! But we were at the coal face...we knew...we just expected everyone else to actually a good question that needs answering...

Why did Home911 decide to pay commissions through an MLM program?
After we launched the product for Nelspruit farmers in 2005, we thought we had a pretty smart product, over the last few years it has gotten even smarter...
So we ended up with a fantastic product, and it worked very well!....but then we encountered another problem..

Because we had 10 alert recipients(upgrade from 4) our customers were speaking to more people...and so it was inevitable that our customers would eventually say" i just referred 5 people to your system can i get a ... discount off mine...." or " this is such a great product can i be a dealer?"

In fact 150 requests in 3 months! Our little excel program tracking commissions became a full time job for one of our staff...there had to be a better way!

Then after battling through different programs, the idea came up to just offer "everyone" the chance of getting a discount when they register...the hunt was on to find software that could track the commissions...

Through much trial and error, and testing many different types of software, one of the staff heard an ad on the radio. It was a large Telecommunications company that was offering discounts on referrals... "lets see what software they are using"

It was through this that we found a SA based company that specialised in software of this fact up till this point we had no idea that it was MLM software that would solve all our problems!

so we solved the commission tracking problem...

then the software company said that built in was a way in which..if "some" customers chose to, could actually turn this into a good passive income... Obviously that would be the best recognition to anyone wanting to help we jumped at it! In fact we landed so hard that we ended up with a compensation plan that has never been done before in SA. Netready who has over 15 years experience said we were giving away too much...!

We didn't think so!

So through default and a few years later, we offer a discount for referrals...or...a a passive income.

The product stands on it's own two feet, and we don't need it...we never have.... it was our customers that steered this ship for us!

So...No, we are not a money hungry get rich quick scheme! In fact read our last FAQ......if you can't afford this product, we may even give it to you FREE!

No contracts, no hidden costs... just a desire to make a difference to peoples lives, and be a solution to crime in this country....and now maybe we can pay a few peoples bonds off too...if they choose!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Home911’s Powerful Software

The software we are running is very powerful, far better than we ever anticipated.

If selling the Home911 product is something our clients choose to do, they can log in and pull a genealogy report. They will be able to see all their clients…this over and above the email we send them when someone joins their team.

It ends up looking a bit like a family tree… which is pretty much what this business is starting to look like…one big happy family!

Are we helping communities get to know each other?

Do you know your neighbours?


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sales Guide Ready!

Wow, we had to re-write this 5 times... we kept on getting clever with the English, and every time we asked for comment, we were told to tone it down. So the sales guide is finally ready for download...

It is a step by step guide to selling home911, and fits in with our wealth creation plan...
It also includes the "10 point a day system"...which is killer! You don't have to think, just get 10 points a day, and we will talk in 12 months!

Today we got a very disturbing email from Edenvale, a large secure complex of 500 residence was hit on Friday... (copy and paste)

I have been lucky enough to come across your company through the web and I intend signing up for the service later today. I live in an estate in Edenvale where there was an armed robbery on Friday night. Myself and my neighbours are of the opinion that your service would have been an easier solution to the shootout that occurred on Friday. I would like to give them literature. please email it to me.

Home911 is the solution to this particular crime, and is the solution to the many 1000's of complexes that haven't heard of us yet... we need your help!

This is the reason we have incentivised you so much to spread the word...South Africa needs help! We are part of the solution.

You can help us!

If you know of a charity organisation that also needs help, please let us know, we also want to give something back!

Download the sales manual here (just wait a bit for it to download)

Oh and we have a bit of a surprise for you...a very big celebrity has heard about what we are doing, and thinks that we have a fantastic product. An initiative he would like to get involved in... give us 2 months, and we will reveal all.

Have you signed up yet?

With Our Team

SA is back in full swing this morning... Moms are rushing around getting last minute stationery and school uniforms. This is the only time of the year our kids are excited to go back to school, for many it will be a brand new experience.

Home911 has created a bit of excitement too, with many subscribers eager to get going this year.
This is the year of opportunity.
Check out Nolans Blog

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Any new company has one major problem...building credibility.

There are ways to overcome this... first have a good product! Get a few people to test,and play with it, then choose "only" the good ones and advertise them to your prospective client base.

Now that may work, and I'm sure there isn't a company on this planet that will promote their product through their disgruntled clients.

Home911 has found a way to potentially overcome all of these obstacles! You see depending on when you sign up, there is a period where you will get the Home911 panic button, to use and play with before paying a cent!

We do not charge a pro rata fee. That means any period of time that you sign up prior to the 25th is free! You get the product upfront!

That sends a very powerful means we are very confident in the product and service we offer!

Another thing Home911 has done, is to have NO contracts! That means anyone can cancel at anytime!

We don't lock you into any long term contracts.

If you have no need for our service...then why force you to keep it through a contract?

The sign ups are coming through thick and fast, and there is definitely a lot of excitement. Hopefully Home911 will achieve its goals a lot sooner!

Reduce crime and poverty, through community involvement, and job creation!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reaching A Milestone

My son intrigued me a few years ago... I watched as he walked into my garage at the tender age of 4, fumbled with my tools till he found what he was looking for. I watched from a distance, trying hard not to let him see me.

He somehow managed to remove his training wheels off his little bicycle.... it was his big day!

I am not sure why to this day I still get a lump in my throat...was it because he didn't ask for my help? Or because of his sheer determination to conquer his fears and ride this bike!

What I can tell you is that every time i watched him fall, it took huge effort on my part to stop myself from running over and helping him...I knew he needed to do this by himself!

Slowly but surely on that hot summer afternoon, he found his balance, and he rode unaided for at least 20 metres, before ending in a heap on top of my wife's prize rose bushes!

He didn't care... he was on top of the world, and I couldn't help myself... I ran screaming like a wild mad man, clapping my hands...."YOU DID IT!"

He had no idea I was watching all this time, and we rolled giggling and laughing, the thorns had made there mark, and he didn't even notice....

This was a huge milestone in his he doesn't realise it. We will be meeting next week with his new sponsors, to further his MotoX career! He probably won't remember that day like I do...

Today Home911 reached a milestone, we signed up our 100th client. Maybe Candice Pretorius will never realise her timing, she was our 100th! But she could never be given that accolade without the 99 that came before her.

I salute our first 100, each and every one of you, and I say again...thank you. I know that together we will reach 1000 very soon, and probably 100 000... but I will never forget our first 100.

Today..our training wheels were removed

Humbly Yours

Nigel Hamilton
CEO Home911

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Sales Guide To Selling Home911

Well we have finally finished the rough version, and it has been written in very simple English. It includes the now very popular 10-Point plan. Should have it up on the web-site in the next couple of days!

The 10 Point plan breaks down your goal into a simple 10 points a day ritual. We call it a ritual like brushing your teeth, is a ritual. Why? Well brushing your teeth once a week for an hour won't work. Just like this business, 15 minutes a day, will catapult your earnings far better than 3 hours crammed into one day!

So look out for it soon. we will also implement in a couple of weeks, an email system that will prompt your sign ups once a week, to do a particular task. In reality, the compensation plan we have designed is so good, that if everybody just signed up three, and it takes everyone a whole month to do it (and thats all they ever sign) then...
That's some statement!
It requires some work from you in the beginning, with what seems to be very little return. In fact as we have mentioned before , using the above example you will only be earning R500 per month in 6 months from now, but R35000 per month, 6 months later....incredible!
Here is an excerpt from the guide
You are standing at the top of a snow-capped hill. You pick up a pea and throw it down. It probably gets stuck in the snow. So you pick it up, and pack a little snow around it (steps 1-7) Then throw it down again, it rolls a few centimetres gathering a bit of snow as it goes…but rolls to a stop. You pick it up again and add a bit more snow. Again after throwing it, it rolls a few more metres…then stops. Now your pea is the size of a golf ball, and some time and effort have passed, without too much happening. You pick it up and pack some more snow around it… it starts to roll, very slowly at first, sometimes having to give it a nudge. It starts getting bigger, and as it does so it starts to build momentum, and then all by itself it gathers more and more snow, and starts accelerating. Till eventually you are now running to keep up. You eventually start an avalanche!
Getting your first a good start!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back To Work We Go!

Well for some of us anyway...

In a week from now most kids will be back to school (I know some parents can't wait) The new Years hangovers will be long forgotten, and so will 99% of the New Years Resolutions!

Our highways will be jam packed, and that buzzing feeling of everyone getting back into routine will be in the air.... we can't wait!

By then we will have launched our own ebook, "A Step By Step Guide To Selling Home911"

In the ebook we will go through the steps to financial freedom. And exactly what you have to do to get there. You won't even have to think too hard. The only thing you will have to do is ACTION IT! Oh and we show you how to do that too!

In fact our theme this year is "action"

That means doing stuff! Ya know stuff that normally waits till tomorrow...

It's a real toughie...but we will hold your hand, and turn it into "effortless effort"

Action Is Life Changing....ooooh that sounds like the title of another ebook!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home911 Wins Tim A Free Web Site And Hosting!

This tickled us pink, but didn’t surprise us! People from all walks of life see this product as a life saver….

Tim is one of our top level Sponsors, and was actually instrumental in helping us put this plan together. He entered a competition to get a free web-site from a major web developer. He got it without even entering….here is how (cut and paste)……..

Hi Maryke, Thanks for inviting me into your competition. We live in Cape Town and have been involved with a JHB company for the past 6 months selling their phenomenal Service, Cell Phone Panic Buttons For Your House To Reduce Crime! We were selling this with great success and we encouraged Nigel Hamilton head of marketing to turn the marketing plan into a Network Marketing Company so as to allow every user the ability to pass this fantastic concept onto their neighbours and friends and then be rewarded for the sale, thus reducing their monthly instalment. We managed to get Nigel to agree and after many hours of planning and tweaking we got it right and went live last week. The MLMers of our country are welcome to take this to the highest level possible, i am looking for 10 experts to build a network of 100000 members each, if they have what it takes to enjoy this kind of success they will attract a passive salary of R700 000 per month. With 2010 around the corner we all need to do our best to sort out our terrible crime and with unemployment on the rise, they are expecting another 310 000 South Africans to lose their jobs by March 2009 and this will certainly put huge stress on millions who rely on these salaries for food, i pray the crime does not sky rocket, lets try find a way of getting to these jobless people who don't want to do crime, and give them an opportunity to pass on this concept of people looking out for their neighbours and be paid for doing so, We believe PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE IE if the criminals know we are watching them they will be scared off, Maryke we have a dream of hosting our own website to help those who have been a victim of crime with the healing process and thus we would like to encourage all readers to vote for us and join our passion to rid the crime one person at a time. Maryke, voters can join our quest at and please use our sponsor code 100004 when signing up. Many thanks and if this link does not open up they can go thru the main site at we look forward to meeting like minded people who have the courage to not run away from the best country in the world, lets stand together and put a stop to crime, if we can get this right the whole world will start investing here and we will all benefit from this. So lets stop pointing fingers at the government and take charge ourselves, we can make a difference!

This was their response………

Hi there Tim
I am just so sorry that I am only coming back to you on this one now, I just love this concept!
Safety and our country is something that really is near my heart and therefore We've decided to give you a website without even entering you in the competition. We will carry the registration costs and hosting for a year and off course do the design etc.
Let me know? This could be our small contribution to help victims of crime.
Oh yes - thank you so much for contacting me. If interested you can let me know and we can take it further.
Regards and a Super 2009 for you!

From all at Home911


Happy New Year!

May you all be blessed with everything your hearts desire in 2009.

We are looking forward to working closely with each and every one of you to make this a prosperous and safe South Africa.

Here is an example of a banner we have available for you here