Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Time!

Well it's about time we updated our has been a while...

A bunch of us in Gauteng have been working very hard to get you guys some hard data on the marketability of Home911 "bulk deals"

The results have been incredible, and far surpassed our expectations.

Just to give you an idea, in this short time span, we are already installed at nearly 10 security companies. They are all very excited, and we expect roll outs to their customer base shortly.

Home911 solves a lot of problems that security companies experience with their customers

Limited panics in a house
Panic button batteries become lost/faulty/flat (don't work when they need it)
Expensive to install and maintain

A case in point

A security company hadn't even signed up with us as yet, but had an opportunity to tender for a 2000 house security complex. The requirement of the tender was that all the houses have panic buttons/transmitters installed in every house, linked up locally and to the security companies control room.

This was over and above the monthly cost to have 8 guards, a response vehicle etc.

The cheapest quote that was received to install these panics as a capital outlay was over R1,200 000-00 (one point two million Rand)

Our product was quoted, and proved to not only involve zero capital outlay, but the product was far superior and offered a much better solution.

We could send a panic to...
Control room
Armed response vehicle (on site)
Guard Room (on-site..where they could lock down the estate)
On-site security manager
As well as 6 neighbours/friends/family

They loved it!

They could increase the levy from R1200 to R1215 to accommodate all of this!

Did you know that there are over 3000 registered security companies in SA?

Email if you would like to get involved in your area.

Our normal sign ups continue, and we should hit 600 shortly. That's over 3000 panic buttons in a very short time...well done guys!

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