Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home911- Way Ahead Of Schedule!

When we first launched Home911...we had certain targets...

Sure we new that we might not make them, little did we know that we would be way ahead of schedule at this early date!

But then again, we have a product that is absolutely a "no brainer"

Where ever have you heard of a product...where you decide to take time off, and go down to a local pub, to get away from it all....and sign up 3 people!

seriously.........there is nothing!

We are bombarded by people getting very technical...email campaigns, brochure drops....seriously guys...try talking...it works!

In fact if every sign up just signed up 3 of their neighbours we would all be very rich...... that's the all it takes!

BUT... we all want it to happen now!

Home911 is like nothing you have ever seen before, it is going to change lives for many in this wonderful country of ours!

If you signed up at the beginning of January and have 3 sign ups then you are ahead of schedule...if you are not...then don't stress, you have plenty of time to catch up! Check out the 12 month wealth creation plan here

Oh... and very soon we will be unveiling our selected celebrity, to be the face of Home911....we will be knocking crime for a 6!

To find out who he is , and if you haven't already done so...then sign up here and you will be part of his exclusive team!

in fact you may even get a personal email from him...........

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