Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clive Rice and Home911

For most of us, endorsing a product is pretty easy..I mean what have we got to lose?

But for a man who many look up is a big responsibility.

You can imagine how bowled over (pun intended) we were when Clive Rice gave us the thumbs up!

We won the toss!

This is what Clive had to say!

There is a great deal of talk and poor delivery and lack of care in South Africa. I am delighted to sign up HOME911 as it does deliver our most important needs. It delivers entrepreneurial opportunities as well as security to friend’s, communities and suburbs. Its unique panic button alerts friends and neighbours instantly when you are in trouble to come to your aid. Criminals beware as you will be hit for 6 as you now have no time to operate and carry out your terrible deeds.
Clive Rice

From all of us Clive...welcome aboard...and thank you!

Indeed lets get the ball rolling, and knock crime for a six....

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Mr Rice!

    Glad to have you in this super business and I know that we are all doing our part to help make South Africa a safer place.

    Terence Tobin