Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Call Me!

Wow, two blog updates in one day(read the one below this one first)

One of the challenges we have faced is the fact that although our panic alerts are free...the networks need to believe that the call "can" take place, and therefore if you have no airtime it "won't" allow the panic to be dialled....

Now, for contract payers this is not a problem! But for "pay as you go" users (like my kids) then this can pose a problem...

We fixed it!

If you have domestics, or children that are on a pay as you go contract then we have integrated "PLEASE CALL ME" onto our panic network....

That means...

That if you have no airtime your panic will still work, simply by replacing your panic number *31#0824814499


MTN Phone *121*0824814499#
Vodacom Phone *140*0824814499#
Cell C Phone *111*0824814499#
Virgin Phone *125*0824814499#

We are still testing this, so would like to ask you to do the same, and give us any feedback!


Nigel Hamilton

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