Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tracking has been around a while now, Vodacom launched "look for me" a few years back and charge R11.70 per phone per month. More info here

MTN only this year decided to offer a similar service, which they call "whereRU" and charge R12.49 per phone per month. More info here

Tracking a persons phone is not nearly as accurate as GPS, but can triangulate your position depending on the number of towers that can "see" you at any given time. It does help in an emergency to minimise a search area.

Home911 has not been able to offer this service in the past, due to the costs involved. Please bare in mind that the average family consists of at least 4 people, which would be an additional R46.80 per month on the Vodacom option. Add to this the fact that you are more likely to need a panic at home than anywhere else...53% of all hijackings take place at your front gate.

We have never found a way to separate these two services cost effectively...

Until Now!

We have struck a deal with the networks, and will shortly be launching "911Track" where you will be able to track a loved one, from your own phone at anytime.

There will be NO additional monthly costs to any existing home911 it will be a free service from Home911....The only cost you will incur is not billed by us, and that will be R5 per track, if and when you need it! This will be deducted from your airtime.

We are busy testing and should launch shortly, if anyone would like to get the service now, and help us test...then please email

Available on MTN and Vodacom Only!