Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Roll On 2009

If you guys thought for a second that the Home911 team was sitting on a beach somewhere, just check out the changes to the web-site.

We are all working very hard to ensure we are ready for the roll out in the next couple of weeks, and all the staff are really excited.

We have been getting new sign ups daily, no advertising...just word of mouth.

We are just about to launch the 12-Month Wealth Creation Plan

Here is a sneak peek

The 12-Month Wealth Plan!

By 2005 farmers in the Nelspruit area were facing a crime spree. We designed a very simple cellphone-based 'fix' that crime not only stopped growing, but it dropped. A lot of the criminals were caught.It worked so well that we now offer this same solution everywhere in South Africa. Simply put, we convert your cellphone into a panic button, when you press your panic button you alert up to 10 people that you're in trouble. They each get an SMS that tells them you need help.

Since then instead of trying to market this product via traditional advertising, we decided to utilise the “community” aspect of the product and allow members to market it for us. This creates income opportunities, and job creation.

The product is a potential lifesaver, and is easy to sell. We have designed a commission structure (or compensation plan) and have come up with a 12-Month Wealth Creation Plan, which has the potential to earn you R32760-00 per month in 12 months. Although there is no time limit, you can market this product as and when you feel like it, or you can actively market it and get there a lot sooner.

We will show you how to do it in 12 months.

There are 2 simple rules for you and your customers to follow

Sign up with home911 and receive a sponsor code
Sign up 3 neighbours /friends/family etc using your sponsor code in 30 days!

That’s it! Or keep on selling and achieve your goals a lot sooner… You see
Home911 has designed a revolutionary way for your earnings to multiply, doubling all the time as it grows.

IF you sell to just three, then carry on with your life, and if every one of your sign ups stuck to the same rule

Then…. You WILL be earning in excess of R32760-00 in 12 months.

This is briefly how it works, and why it works. But please also go onto the web site and have a look at out PowerPoint in the “downloads” section.

Well let’s assume you sign up today for home911, to protect you and your family for just R75 per month in total for 10 family members!

Take your time and over the next 30 days, speak to your 10 alert recipients/friends/family business associates etc and sign up a minimum of 3.

Have a look at the compensation plan, and you will see that after you have given 2 to your sponsor, you will end up with 1 client you will earn commission from.


Month 1 = 1 sign up.
Your job is done; you can carry on with your life now.

That doesn’t sound like much, or even very difficult, but as long as your sign up does what you just did, then this is what will happen.

Your 1 sign up goes and spends the next 30 days signing up 3, giving you 2 (remember you are now a sponsor)

Month 2 = 2 new sign ups (You now only have 3 whole sign ups!)
They each in turn give you 2 or therefore 4 new sign ups

Month 3 = 4 new sign ups (Total now 7)
They each give you 2, so 8 new sign ups (notice it keeps doubling)

Month 4 = 8 new sign ups (total of 15)
(4 months later you are only earning around R120 per month!) But you are on track!

Month 5 = 16 new sign ups (total 31) Or R248-00 per month
Month 6 = 32 new sign ups (total 63) Or R504-00 per month
Month 7 = 64 new sign ups (total 127) Or R1016-00 per month
Month 8 = 128 new sign ups (total 255) Or R2040-00 per month
Month 9 = 256 new sign ups (total 511) Or R4088-00 per month
Month 10 = 512 new sign ups (total 1023) Or R8184-00 per month
Month 11 = 1024 new sign ups (total 2047) Or R16376-00 per month
Month 12 = 2048 new sign ups (total 4095) Or R32760-00 per month

So potentially 4095 clients in 12 months, it also has the potential to keep growing!

Verify the above by going to home911 downloads, and click on “compensation plan


After 12 months you will have 4095 customers, and all you did to get things going was to sign up 3, that’s it!

How else can we help you get there?
Well we have only discussed the above example, which falls entirely into level 1, you are also paid R8 for everyone on level 2 and a further R4 for everyone on your level 3
If you wish to sell the product more actively and get to your goal sooner, we have some marketing material to help you

Which you can copy and paste into emails/web-sites etc to help you further.

Affiliate links
These links when clicked on remember your sponsor code, so if people click on them you get the sale! E.g.

That you can download and print, these can be handed out and distributed throughout your community

Call Centre Software
This is software that will allow alerts to be monitored through your local security companies, neighbourhood watches, townhouse complexes etc. And we give it away to them for FREE!

We have purchased the distribution rights to many different types of ebooks that you can download free. They range from self-help, to technical marketing tips.

Web Interface
Using your sponsor code and a password, you will be able to access information on your clients through a secure web-interface. You will see who has signed up and how much commission is owed to you!

Free Advertising
If you decide to hold a weekly community meeting, inviting guests to a presentation of the product in your home, or hall, we will advertise the dates, times and venues for you on our web-site absolutely free

Your Own Web site
If you lack the skills to create a web site, and feel you need one. We will design one for you, with all the links and facilities of our own web site for you, at a very low nominal fee.

No Contracts
A lot of people might remain a little sceptical, with all the scams around we don’t blame them. So to make even easier for you, there are NO contracts; you and your customers can cancel at anytime. We also only debit your account at the end of the month. So if you sign up on the 15th, you will have the product and all the benefits up front, you don’t pay a cent till the end of the month!

Are you convinced enough yet! R75 (incl) for a life saving product, and an opportunity to change your own life forever!

Come and Join us. Your 12 exciting months start now click here


The Home911 Team

Pop in from time to time, to see what else we have up our sleeve.

When we get to 1000 subscribers, we will create our own forum, where you can all log into and chat with other Home911 subscribers. Here you will be able to share idea's and successes with each other.

In the next few days look out for some exciting free ebooks, and a bonus scheme, which will knock your socks off!

Till then have a great New Years Party!