Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Crime affects everybody in South Africa...FACT!

Some of us have had a direct experience...everyone knows someone who has!

Think about that....if you haven't been directly affected by crime....chances are almost 100% that you know someone who has been...... This, unfortunately is a South African phenomanon.

Like you though...I love this country...I want my children to grow up here! To me there is no country in the world, that can offer what this beautiful country of ours offers.

So the next logical to get involved....and make a real difference!

Home911 is a product....sure

we delayed launching Home911 preoperly for 5 years!


Because we didn't want to just be another money making mechanism in a security conscious society that we could rape!

We really wanted to offer a solution.

So we might be young...(we only only launched our final product in the last few months)...but we have been perfecting our product over the last 5 years!

When we give a presentation to a security company, we present with the utmost conviction that we

1. Understand their market

2. Ensure delivery

3. And more importantly understand the needs of their customers

We have been studying their customers and their requirements (with unbiased ears) for 5 years!

We have come up with a solution that WILL make a difference to individuals, and WILL lead to a reduction in crime in SA!

We will never compete with the security companies in this country that do so much to keep our families safe....but we WILL be their to ensure we can facilitate new and inovative solutions that we can rely on to ensure that our children, and their children are protected from ever experiencing the direct impact and trauma of crime!

It is our right to protect ourselves and our families....Home911 is your voice when you don't have one!

We will shortly be publishing a list of security companies that share our vision...the list is growing daily....we really do fill a void in our security system.

If you are in the market for a new security company, then make sure you choose one that shares our vision, and offers the Home911 solution.

Is there a security company in your area that has not seen our solution? Contact me directly...I get a copy of every email that is delivered to and let us show them how we can help them!

Nigel Hamilton


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