Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tracking has been around a while now, Vodacom launched "look for me" a few years back and charge R11.70 per phone per month. More info here

MTN only this year decided to offer a similar service, which they call "whereRU" and charge R12.49 per phone per month. More info here

Tracking a persons phone is not nearly as accurate as GPS, but can triangulate your position depending on the number of towers that can "see" you at any given time. It does help in an emergency to minimise a search area.

Home911 has not been able to offer this service in the past, due to the costs involved. Please bare in mind that the average family consists of at least 4 people, which would be an additional R46.80 per month on the Vodacom option. Add to this the fact that you are more likely to need a panic at home than anywhere else...53% of all hijackings take place at your front gate.

We have never found a way to separate these two services cost effectively...

Until Now!

We have struck a deal with the networks, and will shortly be launching "911Track" where you will be able to track a loved one, from your own phone at anytime.

There will be NO additional monthly costs to any existing home911 it will be a free service from Home911....The only cost you will incur is not billed by us, and that will be R5 per track, if and when you need it! This will be deducted from your airtime.

We are busy testing and should launch shortly, if anyone would like to get the service now, and help us test...then please email

Available on MTN and Vodacom Only!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Call Me!

Wow, two blog updates in one day(read the one below this one first)

One of the challenges we have faced is the fact that although our panic alerts are free...the networks need to believe that the call "can" take place, and therefore if you have no airtime it "won't" allow the panic to be dialled....

Now, for contract payers this is not a problem! But for "pay as you go" users (like my kids) then this can pose a problem...

We fixed it!

If you have domestics, or children that are on a pay as you go contract then we have integrated "PLEASE CALL ME" onto our panic network....

That means...

That if you have no airtime your panic will still work, simply by replacing your panic number *31#0824814499


MTN Phone *121*0824814499#
Vodacom Phone *140*0824814499#
Cell C Phone *111*0824814499#
Virgin Phone *125*0824814499#

We are still testing this, so would like to ask you to do the same, and give us any feedback!


Nigel Hamilton

About Time!

Well it's about time we updated our has been a while...

A bunch of us in Gauteng have been working very hard to get you guys some hard data on the marketability of Home911 "bulk deals"

The results have been incredible, and far surpassed our expectations.

Just to give you an idea, in this short time span, we are already installed at nearly 10 security companies. They are all very excited, and we expect roll outs to their customer base shortly.

Home911 solves a lot of problems that security companies experience with their customers

Limited panics in a house
Panic button batteries become lost/faulty/flat (don't work when they need it)
Expensive to install and maintain

A case in point

A security company hadn't even signed up with us as yet, but had an opportunity to tender for a 2000 house security complex. The requirement of the tender was that all the houses have panic buttons/transmitters installed in every house, linked up locally and to the security companies control room.

This was over and above the monthly cost to have 8 guards, a response vehicle etc.

The cheapest quote that was received to install these panics as a capital outlay was over R1,200 000-00 (one point two million Rand)

Our product was quoted, and proved to not only involve zero capital outlay, but the product was far superior and offered a much better solution.

We could send a panic to...
Control room
Armed response vehicle (on site)
Guard Room (on-site..where they could lock down the estate)
On-site security manager
As well as 6 neighbours/friends/family

They loved it!

They could increase the levy from R1200 to R1215 to accommodate all of this!

Did you know that there are over 3000 registered security companies in SA?

Email if you would like to get involved in your area.

Our normal sign ups continue, and we should hit 600 shortly. That's over 3000 panic buttons in a very short time...well done guys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Are We Old Enough? Or... Just Young Enough!

Crime affects everybody in South Africa...FACT!

Some of us have had a direct experience...everyone knows someone who has!

Think about that....if you haven't been directly affected by crime....chances are almost 100% that you know someone who has been...... This, unfortunately is a South African phenomanon.

Like you though...I love this country...I want my children to grow up here! To me there is no country in the world, that can offer what this beautiful country of ours offers.

So the next logical to get involved....and make a real difference!

Home911 is a product....sure

we delayed launching Home911 preoperly for 5 years!


Because we didn't want to just be another money making mechanism in a security conscious society that we could rape!

We really wanted to offer a solution.

So we might be young...(we only only launched our final product in the last few months)...but we have been perfecting our product over the last 5 years!

When we give a presentation to a security company, we present with the utmost conviction that we

1. Understand their market

2. Ensure delivery

3. And more importantly understand the needs of their customers

We have been studying their customers and their requirements (with unbiased ears) for 5 years!

We have come up with a solution that WILL make a difference to individuals, and WILL lead to a reduction in crime in SA!

We will never compete with the security companies in this country that do so much to keep our families safe....but we WILL be their to ensure we can facilitate new and inovative solutions that we can rely on to ensure that our children, and their children are protected from ever experiencing the direct impact and trauma of crime!

It is our right to protect ourselves and our families....Home911 is your voice when you don't have one!

We will shortly be publishing a list of security companies that share our vision...the list is growing daily....we really do fill a void in our security system.

If you are in the market for a new security company, then make sure you choose one that shares our vision, and offers the Home911 solution.

Is there a security company in your area that has not seen our solution? Contact me directly...I get a copy of every email that is delivered to and let us show them how we can help them!

Nigel Hamilton


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home911 Does It Again!

Well its been 2 weeks since our last blog, and with good reason...

Less than 7 short weeks ago we were beaming...we had reached a milestone of 100 subscribers.
200 came quickly, 300 even faster...and now we can crack a bottle of joy as we surpass over 400...incredible!

Large security companies are slowly coming on board, and finally realise that we are actually not a threat to them (although i suppose you could say that it's a compliment to be seen as one :) )

AND... we are poised to rocket your earnings even further!

We have come up with a discount structure for all security companies, cluster complexes, security villages, boomed area's etc!

If you want to fast track your earnings, how would you like to offer a large complex.. Home911 for just R15 (excl)? It's a no brainer! What if 2 or 3 of your downline sign up 2 or 3 complexes in the next 3 months....well then expect to be earning your R32000 per month a lot quicker than you expected!

Here is an example

A complex of 520 residents would pay just R20 per month(ie increase in levy) and we would pay on 3 levels ( That's R20 for up to 10 family members)

Level 1 R1456
Level 2 R1456
Level 3 R728

Per month!

Plus we will supply the software that monitors alerts in their security room FREE!

Email us on for some pre-launch info

We are on track to getting a forum up and running the minute we hit 1000 members!

Don't wait any longer to get the ball George Bernard Shaw once said

"If you take too long to decide what to do with your life, you'll find you've done it"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clive Rice and Home911

For most of us, endorsing a product is pretty easy..I mean what have we got to lose?

But for a man who many look up is a big responsibility.

You can imagine how bowled over (pun intended) we were when Clive Rice gave us the thumbs up!

We won the toss!

This is what Clive had to say!

There is a great deal of talk and poor delivery and lack of care in South Africa. I am delighted to sign up HOME911 as it does deliver our most important needs. It delivers entrepreneurial opportunities as well as security to friend’s, communities and suburbs. Its unique panic button alerts friends and neighbours instantly when you are in trouble to come to your aid. Criminals beware as you will be hit for 6 as you now have no time to operate and carry out your terrible deeds.
Clive Rice

From all of us Clive...welcome aboard...and thank you!

Indeed lets get the ball rolling, and knock crime for a six....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home911- Way Ahead Of Schedule!

When we first launched Home911...we had certain targets...

Sure we new that we might not make them, little did we know that we would be way ahead of schedule at this early date!

But then again, we have a product that is absolutely a "no brainer"

Where ever have you heard of a product...where you decide to take time off, and go down to a local pub, to get away from it all....and sign up 3 people!

seriously.........there is nothing!

We are bombarded by people getting very campaigns, brochure drops....seriously guys...try works!

In fact if every sign up just signed up 3 of their neighbours we would all be very rich...... that's the all it takes!

BUT... we all want it to happen now!

Home911 is like nothing you have ever seen before, it is going to change lives for many in this wonderful country of ours!

If you signed up at the beginning of January and have 3 sign ups then you are ahead of schedule...if you are not...then don't stress, you have plenty of time to catch up! Check out the 12 month wealth creation plan here

Oh... and very soon we will be unveiling our selected celebrity, to be the face of Home911....we will be knocking crime for a 6!

To find out who he is , and if you haven't already done so...then sign up here and you will be part of his exclusive team!

in fact you may even get a personal email from him...........